A ‘30s to ‘50s-inspired clothing brand for every woman

Retro fashion, especially retro clothes you can wear every day, is hard to find.

Most vintage boutiques feature fancy and delicate dresses while trousers and warmer clothes are rare.

This is what inspired Emmy Nilsson of Emmy Design to start her business:

a 1930s to ‘50s-inspired clothing brand for every type of weather, and all body shapes.

Emmy Design was established in 2010 after Nilsson graduated from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design in 2008.

After struggling to find a job and noticing a real lack of businesses offering high-quality retro clothes for all sizes, she decided to take care of it herself.

“I realised how limited the selection was.

There’s a lot of vintage dresses, but no clothes for colder weather, and if you live in Sweden you cannot wear dresses all year round.

I saw a gap in the market and went for it,” says Nilsson, founder and CEO.

Emmy Design focuses on the clothes you wear every day, and clothes that fit everyone.

“It is hard to make clothes that fit everyone, but we are doing our best.

Our trousers leave room for the hips, and our dresses complement all body types. A ‘30s to ‘50s-inspired

We are also proud to offer a wide size range, from XS to 3XL, which is rare.

We have realised that it is the everyday garments, the clothes building a wardrobe, that people want to spend money on.

But what essentially inspires me is how the 1930s to the 1950s A ‘30s to ‘50s-inspired

brought out the female body in a way today’s fashion doesn’t, and with this brand

I want to take a step back from mass production and produce clothes that are timeless and flattering.”

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