A bistro for all your wishes

Located in the picturesque Porvoo, Bistro Gustaf has quickly established itself as one of the town’s loveliest restaurants,

with a wide selection of tasty dishes and excellent customer service.

Recently honoured with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, the restaurant’s owner A bistro for all your wishes

Mika Gehör tells Scan Magazine about what makes Bistro Gustaf such a unique place to visit.

Located right in the town centre of Porvoo is an idyllic 19th-century sugar factory, which, for the past two years,

has been home to Bistro Gustaf, an 80- seat French-style restaurant owned by restaurateur and chef Mika Gehör.

Overlooking the beautiful old town, during the summer months the café-bistro also offers one of the most gorgeous views of Porvoo from its terrace.

“Food is the number one thing for us,” Gehör explains when asked what tempts customers to return again and again.

“Our menu is inspired by traditional French countryside cuisine, with big portions and plenty of taste.”

One of the most popular dishes is mussels in white wine and garlic sauce,

with the large menu offering enough tasty options to cater for every day of your visit. A bistro for all your wishes

Make sure to also try their versatile lunch offer, which comes with a generous salad buffet and tea or coffee.

The restaurant is also noted for accommodating different dietary requirements, from vegetarian to gluten-free.

And if you have requests, you can just ask.

“We get a lot of praise for our warm customer service,” Gehör adds.

Most days you can even be delightfully welcomed to the restaurant by the owner himself.

Upcoming theme weeks to look out for This spring and summer,

Bistro Gustaf is getting ready for a variety of themed events, such as weeks celebrating asparagus, steaks and seafood.

“There’s also the Porvoo Smaku event, which takes place every August,

during which you can get a taster dish for only five euros at Bistro Gustaf and many other restaurants,” Gehör adds.

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