Adding Class II

Adding Class II

The evolution of Adding Class II technology has provided content for a growing market, as even tribes in markets that allow both Class II and Class III are increasing Adding Class II in their game mix.

Adding Class II “Markets like Oklahoma that have had Class II continue to add it,” says Burke at AGS.

“And there’s a mandate that any part of their floor should be at least 50 percent Class II. They’re actually trying Class II for the first time in a lot of cases, which I think is great.”

“And you find interest in just about all jurisdictions,” adds IGT’s Knudson.

“There’s a variety of reasons for that, the first of which is, of course, the quality of the Class II, and the machine performance.”

Jesse DeBruin, vice president of gaming operations for Everi Holdings, notes that while Class II growth is not evident in all markets that include both classifications, the industry overall is increasing its footprint of Class II games.

“In California over the past two-plus years, the majority of those tribes have renegotiated their compacts, and a lot of those tribes have reduced or eliminated our Adding Class II footprint,” DeBruin says, citing state removals of caps on Class III games as the primary reason.

“However, we’re also seeing a lot of new Class II-only facilities go up,” he says.

“You have Four Winds in Indiana. You have Texas casinos, you have Alabama casinos. You also have a lot of states where they consider Class II a significant part of the roadmap, and they want to continue to expand and grow Class II.”

Minard of Eclipse Gaming, a longtime Class II supplier with presence in some Class III markets, says the growth of Class II is not over. “I believe that Class II will become continually more relevant,” he says, “as we continue to come up with more exciting and different games for that market.

“The advantage of Class II is that there’s a ton of titles out there; everybody’s developing, and there’s a lot of familiarity. But not every one of those games has a Class II version.”

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