An online marketplace for green-fingered people

Do you have flowers in your garden you no longer need? Or are you in need of some new plants?

Then Floragora is for you.

Floragora is an online marketplace where you can find and meet fellow gardeners and swap flowers, seeds and bulbs.

The website is already a success in New Zealand, and the hope is that it will be just as successful in Denmark starting this summer.

When Thomas Pedersen bought his summer house in Denmark a couple of years ago, An online

he also got his first garden – and he wanted to make it beautiful.

However, he quickly realised that gardening can be quite an expensive hobby, and he had to come up with a solution for

getting his plants other than going to the garden centre.

“I found a couple about 90 kilometres from my summer house who had the plants I was looking for in their garden,

and they basically just wanted to get rid of them in exchange for some pocket change,” Pedersen recalls.

“I was surprised that a marketplace for plants didn’t exist for those of us hooked on gardening, so I started considering creating one myself.”

Pedersen could not let go of the idea. was finally launched just before winter last year, and the gardening season in Denmark came to an end.

“I thought, ‘why not create a version for a place where it is actually summer during the Danish winter season?’,

and I set up a version of the service tailored to New Zealand,” says Pedersen.

“However, I expect that Floragora will be quite the success in Denmark this summer, as well as in many other countries in the years to come.”

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