Being competitive is an elusive goal chased by organisations in every sector; yet, few can

determine exactly what needs to be done to gain a competitive advantage.

The Business Science Corporation (BSC), a Sandton-based company with a global footprint,

is dedicated to doing just this – helping clients be more competitive – by applying practical analytics and smart technologies.

BSC has spent 19 years refining these techniques, amplifying enterprise performance across a range of complex, highly competitive industries.

BSC bills itself as “a Fourth Industrial Revolution enablement company with a single objective – to enhance the prosperity of our clients”.

“We solve and we automate, so our clients can prosper,” says BSC CEO Elton Bondi.

“Whether we’re deploying business intelligence diagnostics to understand past performance

and reveal bottlenecks, or applying virtual reality technology to training, it all distils to increasing the prosperity of people.”

The BSC group consists of three business divisions. BSC Applied is a data-science advisory business that applies

analytical methods and technologies to solve complex client problems and find growth opportunities.

It comprises two practice areas, namely revenue science, which discovers ways for clients to grow revenues; and productivity science,

which discovers credible ways of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations and processes.

BSC Systems, the second business division, sees data engineers

and software developers employing new technologies to enhance existing capabilities and create new capabilities.

This includes decisionsupport technologies; simulation technologies, which validate current plans, optimise operations and explain business performance;

and the automation of processes through robotic, transitional and virtualreality technology.

Other systems include reality science, where virtual reality is employed to drive behavioural change; planning science, which links operational reality to economic consequences;

data science, which focuses on developing analytics, artificial intelligence and machinelearning solutions;

and reporting and diagnostics, a unit that designs and implements business intelligence to support decision-makers.

The third BSC business division, BSC Capital, houses the company’s ever-growing portfolio of high-tech businesses

and products, including Qerent Modeller, the financial and operational modelling platform of choice across several global industries.

BSC has spent 19 years enabling superior returns for clients across the globe.

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