Awesome Color

Michigan/Brooklyn three-piece Awesome Color mine a squally, American garage-psych sound, making like Dinosaur Jr Juniors on a cosmic (school) trip.

They do, however, also have some major consistency issues on this, their third album. The ace card is ‘Vision’, a heart-pumping,

threeminute blur that leaps out of the speakers, all energetic riffola, nimble bass and indecipherable hollering.

Suddenly it’s 1969 and you’re freaking out – in a good way.

Quality control slips, however, with ‘Zombie’, which sounds like a mid-tempo Kings Of Leon with a broken microphone, and on ‘IOU’, which repeats a pedestrian riff for 393 seconds. Awesome

There’s a groove of sorts here but it’s largely too restrained to rock out to, and desperately lacking in voodoo magic.

While it’s refreshing to hear unforced, organic music-making, here it’s also a frustrating affair.

‘Year Of Silence’ – a near twin of the band’s ‘Crimewave’ remix that speaks gibberish in backward tongues – is genuinely brilliant though, as would ‘Doe Deer’ be if its deranged organ riff (inspired by Metronomy’s ‘You Could Easily Have Me’ and ordered to leave no man, woman or child alive) hadn’t been needlessly recorded on an iPhone and constantly in the red. The result of such a decision, while welcome in its desperation to dirty the more overtly pop elements of this album, means that Alice Glass’ retches and banshee shrieks are almost drowned out by the speaker-blown crackle.

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