Possum Kingdom is known for its wildlife, cliffs, natural terrain, and breathtaking sunsets.

But for one Dallas couple, it became so much more: the ideal locale for their utopian lake house;

a home that would showcase the natural environs of the region, with panoramic windows and expansive spaces for art.

After finding the perfect lot—a vast, four-acre property with miles of unobstructed views, plus a 60-foot drop to the water—they started planning.

“Unlike the rustic vibe of most homes in the area, we wanted something that would read more contemporary,” say the homeowners.

The next step was finding an architect who understood their vision and could make it come to life.

After several unsuccessful encounters, they met Aspen-based Travis Terry, known for his innovative approach to fresh mountain contemporary style.

“Other architects had been trying to force them into a box with something that had already been done,” he says. “As soon as we started talking, I got a crystal-clear image of what they were looking for.

Something wonderful and grand, but not imposing; a home with great spaces and views that took the beauty of the surroundings and pulled it right on in.”

It took just 72 hours for Terry to return with plans his client called absolute perfection—unique and honest, but also timeless and very chic.

“It was a magical experience working so closely with the homeowners and seeing something morph and grow with strokes of a pencil. You don’t have many opportunities like that,” he says.

With construction underway, the owners commissioned Emily Summers to do the home’s massive interiors.

Again, the process was highly collaborative. “Our goal was to combine comfort and practicality with a high level of sophistication,” says the acclaimed Dallas designer.

The house is filled with noteworthy furnishings at every turn: Ralph Pucci International sculptural chairs, bronze Donghia side tables,

and a Stark rug in the great room; Mattaliano custom lounge chairs in the master bedroom; and Holly Hunt sofa in the lakeside seating area.

The home has soaring 36-foot-high ceilings, and Summers skillfully selected pieces perfectly scaled for each space.

In the bar, she extended fabric up the wall behind a rolled-back custom sofa; in the main living area, a tall marble fireplace, exposed beams, and series of rectangular Pagani lighting fixtures work together to achieve visual balance.

An abundance of wall space throughout the house provides ample options for showcasing the homeowners’ diverse, multifaceted art collection.

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