Coastal town with stunning wilderness

Karlshamn is a charming coastal town in the county of Blekinge.

It is known for its beautiful surroundings,

with the archipelago and nature reserves a short drive or boat ride away.

Lena Axelsson, tourism manager at Karlshamn Tourist Information Office,

recommends some of the most sensational experiences.

“A must-see is Tjärö, one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago,” she says.

The island is a nature reserve with untouched nature, accessible only by boat.

What may come as a surprise is how leafy and green southern Coastal town

Sweden’s archipelago is compared to the rest of the coastline.

Exquisite wildlife

Another extraordinary experience is Eriksberg Vilt & Natur,

Scandinavia’s biggest wildlife park and conference centre

with a hotel and exclusive restaurants serving game from the estate.

While exploring the ten-kilometre safari area you can spot wisent

(European bison), wild boar, mouflon sheep and deer.

The reserve also boasts the protected red water lily as well as rare bird life, including white-tailed eagles.

Eriksberg has become increasingly popular amongst business travellers and families alike for its charm and character.

“It is a truly fantastic experience if you enjoy great food and accommodation,

in the middle of the stunning wilderness,” says Axelsson.

World-class fishing

Karlshamn is also famous for the quality of its fishing, both fresh-water and saltwater.

River Mörrum in particular is considered one of the best fishing destinations in the country,

where you will be able to catch some of the world’s largest salmon and sea trout.

The establishment is run by Mörrum’s Kronolaxfiske.

Their museum showcases exhibitions about the wildlife in River Mörrum and the history of fishing, as well as a 13-metre aquarium.

Close by is restaurant Kungsforsen, known for delicious food, and beautifully situated next to the river.

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