Dead Meadow

The lads in Dead Meadow must be an optimistic bunch. It takes someone with a pretty positive outlook on the world to think that what the record-buying world craves Meadow

right now is a live album by a stoner/classic rock band and an accompanying film that is half live

material and half sequences about “biblical Bedouins”.

But there are also five new songs among the ones recorded at the end of a 2008 tour, and they stand up well.

First single ‘That Old Temple’ is a languid, woozy slab of fuzz with some excellent drumming,

and ‘Push ‘Em To The Crux’ has some lovely female vocal harmonies floating over the psychedelic rhythm.

There is a lot of superfluous wah-wah riffing and, length-wise, it’s pretty testing, but if you like your mystic musings with slow-mo riffs and extra heaviness,

this album-come-film is for you

This middle way between oversimplicity and over-indulgence “was a conscious choice from the very beginning, with the very first band,”

says Ripley “because when you have musicians who can’t play instruments, you have to play, well, we played one chord songs.

The idea of repetition and trance we’re very conscious of, but we’re approaching from a rock perspective because we’re all rock‘n’rollers. It’s very reductive.

When you hear some stuff where the drummers just don’t stop,

like constantly playing fills and there are all these other things happening… we

purposefully got rid of that because in a way we just found it more powerful.”

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