Diverse art in the heart of Oslo

In the oldest building in Kvadraturen, Oslo’s oldest district, Oslo Kunstforening has been residing for more than 80 years.

Here, the non-profit institution has played a part in creating and shaping the Norwegian art and culture scene and is today showcasing diverse contemporary art from all around the world.

When Oslo Kunstforening (OK) was founded in 1836, it was the first art institution in Norway.

It was founded because the citizens of Oslo wished to support Norwegian artists and start building a local art scene.

At the same time, OK saw the importance of showcasing art from the entire world.

“In many ways, we work the same way today.

The starting point for how we think is that Norway is a part of the world and the world is part of Norway.

The art scene in Oslo is the starting point for our content.

The place is our viewing point from where we view the world,”

Diverse art in the heart of Oslo says Marianne Hultman, artistic leader and general manager.

The purpose of this is to point out and highlight a common narrative with a micro as well as macro perspective.

In recent years, OK has worked with an exhibition programme based on local, Diverse art in the heart of Oslo regional and international collaborations,

where the international aspect is orientated towards art from outside of Europe.

“Presenting a perspective from outside of Europe, especially by practitioners from the Middle East and Africa,

points towards the local diversity of our country while at the same time broadening our worldly perspective,” Hultman explains.

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