During the Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus pandemic, trade shows and conventions have been dropping left and right.

This puts a strain on industry members who rely on events like ICE North America to keep abreast of developments in gaming.

‘Beyond Tomorrow’ What to do? Enter Ice North America Digital, a virtual version of the New Orleans trade show, delivered online in bite-sized morsels.

Kate Chambers of Clarion Gaming walks us through how it came about and what to expect.

During the Coronavirus For those who may want to know more about what is happening with ICE North America 2020 could we commence this interview with an explanation what is the situation with regards this year’s event and its Digital.

version and the 2021 Event? It’s no exaggeration to say that COVID-19 represents the world’s most serious public health crisis for generations.

conventions have been It is having a horrific and far reaching impact on every facet of life, and for the time being at least, the pandemic is changing the way in which all of us conduct business.

‘Beyond Tomorrow’ after lengthy consultation with our partners and colleagues, we took the decision to transport the fantastic content produced for ICE North America online and create the ultimate digital content experience.

conventions have been comprising three hours of outstanding content each day running from Monday, May 11 to Friday, May 15.

During the Coronavirus Rather than trying to recover any of our costs, we are making every element of the ICE North America digital experience totally free, which means absolutely no pay walls and no hidden charges.

It was very important that we didn’t simply cancel but instead explored a way in which we were able to continue to engage with our stakeholders albeit using a very different approach.

I think once again, this shows how important it is to have a strong and robust brand that the industry including our speakers, really trusts.

We will return in 2021 committed to the delivery of another best in class, professional and compelling in-person ICE North America.

This puts a strain on industry members who rely on events like ICE North America to keep abreast of developments in gaming.

Our philosophy is to view business as a lifetime relationship and not as a transaction, which is why we are supporting our customers in the way that they have supported us and helped our brands to flourish.

As such we opted to make the streamed industry content, discussions and debate totally free. There are no hidden costs or pay walls.

The topical content is being delivered by 40 industry experts, across 10 sessions and delivering 15+ hours of learning.

For purely technical reasons each seminar is limited to 500 subscribers. We have already experienced huge demand for places, so we encourage anyone interested to sign up as soon as possible by visiting www.icenorthamerica.com/ice-north-america-digital The timings are 4.30pm – 6.00pm BST/8.30am – 10.00am PST.

What are the main topics on the conference schedule for the live streamed series of webinars? In broad terms.

the subjects comprise: iGaming, News Reporting, Guest Insights, Non-Gaming Revenue and Integrated Resorts, iLottery, Customer Acquisition

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