Emma & William

This award is made to the club, society, individual or individuals who in the opinion of Council has,

or have, helped most to foster the interest of amateur photography in New Zealand over the previous 12 months.

D-Photo is New Zealand’s number one photography magazine, helping photographers get to grips with their cameras and use them more creatively.

By providing quality how-to features, product reviews and inspirational pictures,

the magazine gives its loyal and ever-increasing subscriber base the information ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

and confidence they need to embrace digital camera technology and make the art and craft of photography part of their everyday lives.

Parkside Media published the first issue of D-Photo in mid2004, and has now published 83 issues to April 2018.

D-Photo Magazine is a valued supporter and media partner of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.

The magazine goes out to over 5,500 subscribers bi-monthly, delivering a quality source of photography tutorials,

news and reviews while showcasing some of our best photographers.

From founding editor Adrian Hatwell through Lara Wyatt and more recently Rebecca Frogley D-Photo has strengthened its relationship with

the Photographic Society of New Zealand by shifting its content focus towards the our members’ areas of interest and featuring a range of emerging and established photographers and affiliated clubs.

A collection of these Club profiles can be found on the D-Photo website. Heading into 2018, D-Photo’s feature content is being led once again

by long-term Features Editor Adrian Hatwell, and the team look forward to continuing to develop

 the relationship with Photographic Society of New Zealand by offering a platform for members to get a wider profile for their work.

As New Zealand’s leading photographic media channel, D-Photo is well positioned to provide this role, and we look forward to strengthening this partnership in the years to come.

The Photographic Society of New Zealand is delighted to award the Emma & William McPherson Award for 2018

to the team at D-Photo Magazine, and calls on Dave Burns, D-Photo Sales Manager, to accept the Award on behalf of the team.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี