From the editor’s desk

The upcoming investment summit planned for

the end of October is a crucial moment in South African history.

The unemployment rate and the simultaneous dip in the country’s economic growth are a real challenge to the leadership of the country, both public and private.

 What the country needs is proper fixed investments in the industrial sector that can grow jobs in manufacturing.

Various mechanisms are planned by government, including special economic zones, tax breaks for certain investments and skills transfer, among others, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The four main campaigns on which the Government Communication Information and System (GCIS)

focuses are gender based violence, the anti-corruption fight, unemployment and the improvement of government service principles known as Batho Pele.

These four campaigns have emerged as core

to the conduct of a positive country, where citizens find jobs and dignity is retained.

Look the anti-corruption drive and Batho Pele principles in particular, and you will see that they are really at the heart of the ongoing challenges we face.

Corruption is a poison that seeps into every person who then makes provisions for doing the wrong thing based on the fact that either they can get away with it,

or that they believe they deserve something better in life and therefore can indulge in a little theft, fraud or nepotism.

Corruption needs to be combated in the most urgent and profound manner by all South Africans and especially by us, public servants.

The public pays money through taxes in order to receive a long list of services, and when an official stands between the individual and that service demanding a kickback, sexual favours,

or some other gratuitous tjotjo, both the service and the public suffer. October is also Mental Health Awareness Month.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) tracks issues around mental health and has found that up to 20 percent of South Africans either suffer from some form of mental illness,

or will do so at some stage in their lives. Here is where corruption and mental health intersect.

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