Brooklyn boasts so many electrifying ‘world’ rock acts that it’s making us limeys turn green – and not with scurvy.

African rhythms in tact, they’re selling out the Astoria (MGMT), causing brawny men to faint (TV On The Radio) and, well, just being brilliant (Yeasayer).

Not so, Gang Gang Dance.

That’s not to say they’re not fantastic (they are) but tonight’s show has been downsized from ULU, to the annoyance of fans in granddad jumpers elbowing for breathing room.

Wearing a baggy prog-rock teeshirt and jogging pants, and with a tusk earring peeking out from under her wild plaits,GANG

endearing vocalist/ drum-pad thumper Liz Bougatsos recalls alpine scenery, howling wolves, full moons and feather headdresses.

She sits you on her raft and rows you into a mainland drenched in Native American mysticism and compass-spinning electronic art rock. They forage through more club-ready terrain, GANG

as on latest album ‘Saint Dymphna’, and semi-melodious track ‘House Party’ is their closest to a pop song, with Bougatsos’s GANG

Kate Bushisms emerging atop the disjointed synth stabs and dual drumming. But for the most part, their acidic, polyrhythmic instrumentals and

disorientating yet awkwardly danceable disco nuggets are an acute reminder of why we’re glad

these Warp-signed experimentalists will never reach the success of Vampire Weekend.

of Ritalin, compensates for this with his dizzying stage workout.

The remaining members of the New York quintet are suitably fired up, but he is another beast.

He picks up everything in sight, throwing loo roll over the lighting rig and wrapping his face in whatever he can find. GANG

But an unrivalled stunt comes mid-way through their spirited string of jubilant post-hardcore: bored of stage antics,

Harrington embarks on an expedition up to the Forum’s balcony, working his way around the front row with his

microphone still entangled in his facial hair, much to the delight of the audience.

Crowd surfing into the throng at the set’s close, they carry a strong visual message. Les Savy Fav have finally arrived – and about time too.

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