Going Away Party

Forget the name, 1,2,3 are a band of twos. They’re a duo for a start, from two different cities (L.A. and Pittsburgh), and depending on which side of this 7” you play you either get yawnsome, all-American, acoustic folk or Anglo disco glam. Party

‘Feeling Holy’ is the former – a lazy, heel-swinging pop track that tries to spoil the giddy mood set by the rather brilliant ‘Going Away Party’.

It’s got its work cut out though as the Aside quick-steps with no uncertain amount of funk to falsetto-flirting vocals that sound like Tim Burgess.

It’s the sort of pop that we wish Sam Sparro would make.
If you’re wishing that Yeah Yeah Yeah’s still made songs like ‘Art Star’ you’re not alone, but this could have been straight off of that band’s debut EP.

Until now it’s lived on the Japanese version of Comanechi’s ‘Crime of Love’ LP. Tina says: “Horrible discord. Hurts your ears. Zero!”

Previously released on the ‘Made For Love’ EP, this is less an off-cut from the brilliant ‘Nights Out’ LP, and more a perfectly forlorn stopgap between Metronomy albums. Tina says: “Not bad, nice intro, I like this one.

Out of 10, I’ll give this 4. You could play it in the background but I wouldn’t listen to it.


If you were having your dinner it’d be quite
Dredge the mire of current garage bands for eternity and you’ll still not find a song more melodic or cleverly cryptic.

Tina says: “I’d give this one 5 as well. It’s got a bit of a melody and hopefully her voice will get better over time.
It’s got potential.” Party

Demonic, danceable and featuring a metallic, grinding synth that sounds like HEALTH doing J-pop techno. Obviously great and previously unreleased.

“It’s like Lady Gaga – I could imagine her singing this.
I do quite like it in a quirky sort of way. Party
I wouldn’t like an album full of it but it’s alright as one song. I’d give it a 5.”

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