As part of the IB Diploma each year, students are expected to fulfill a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) criteria where we collaborate with others and achieve a goal to benefit a community.

We decided to do a presentation on reptile awareness to Year 7 students.GOING

In order to provide a stimulating yet educational experience, we brought in Gabriel’s pet reptiles, which included different species of snakes, skinks and tortoises. The inclusion of live animals provided our audience with a memorable experience.
We asked questions such as “What makes a reptile a reptile?” and “Why do the tongues of snakes often flicker?” in order to get our audience engaged. GOING

Many approached us after the presentation and were keen to continue observing the animals and ask further questions.

We would like to thank Ms Barton for extending the opportunity to us and allowing us to present to her Year group. This was a CAS project which undeniably took much time and effort in terms of organisation and preparation

but the reaction we achieved was very much worth it and we would love to carry out this presentation to other Year groups if the opportunity arises.

Here you see students from Mr Lodge and Mr Smith’s Year 8 classes planning and making their filters As part of the unit, we incorporated local Thai historical information by tying the unit to the water quality problems ancient Thai society would have faced living along the Chao Praya River.

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