High-end fashion with a DIY touch

An artist by nature, told by a fashion tutor to leave the classroom and stroll the streets with a scrap book,

Emeli Mårtensson founded 5PREVIEW almost by accident in a move to reject Italian bling.

Today, her fashion brand is available in 500 shops globally – but her passion for DIY remains intact.

“It was all very punk – lying on the floor printing T-shirts with loud music on in the background,”

says Emeli Mårtensson, founder and creative director of 5PREVIEW.

She is reminiscing about the start of her fashion brand, just over ten years ago now, High-end fashion

which has since grown into a very healthy, respected business on the Swedish fashion scene.

“But that hands-on, DIY vibe is still very much a part of the brand DNA,” she adds.

Back then, in 2008, she was living in Italy and working as a print designer and illustrator for one of the big fashion brands High-end fashion

but she was getting tired of being told what to do.

“It was all bling-bling and rhinestone embellishments.

I wanted to make minimalist Scandinavian designs,” she says.

At the same time, she had a monthly trend column in an Italian teenage magazine,

and, one day, she decided to produce a DIY guide on how to print your own T-shirt.

“This was at the very early days of social media, so in a way, advertising was being democratised, if temporarily.

I made a T-shirt inspired by Chanel’s logotype, wore it on MySpace, and people started asking where you could buy it.”

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