Historic city with nature and sea at its doorstep

The city of Kalmar, once a historic medieval commerce centre with the Nordic region’s oldest city arms,

today is a bustling yet idyllic town with a lot to offer any visitor.

A lot of history can be enjoyed in this charming south-eastern costal town that came under such heavy attack with nature

from the Danes in 1611 that what was left of the devastation ended up being moved to a safer location.

Today, Kalmar’s city centre is found on the Kvarnholmen island, Historic cit

and reminders of the importance the city possessed can be found all over,

with carefully renovated buildings and fortifications telling their tales.

At the Kalmar County Museum visitors can get an in-depth understanding of the city’s past and explore the architectural salvages with nature

from the regal warship Kronan, which sank in 1676.

Its bits and rusty pieces are well described in English and offer the visitor a historic thrill and intimate look into life at sea.

The great outdoors is within easy reach and at the beautiful Stensö peninsula a threestar camping with amazing trails to the cape is found.

“During the summer of 2014 a 180-metre long jetty giving swimmers at

Stensö easy access to the sea is sure to become an attraction,”

says Sofia Sköld, marketing manager at Destination Kalmar.

With its costal setting, next to the bridge to the famous island Öland, boats can moor right in the city centre.

Canoeing is also popular: “To gently paddle on the canal Historic cit

through the heart of the city and make a picnic stop at the castle is a great day out,” says Sköld.

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