Honours report on 2018 submissions

THE HONOURS BOARD met in Nelson during March 2018

where 87 applications were assessed; 34 Licentiate, 43 Associate and 10 Fellowship.

Overall, there were 47 print portfolio submissions (51% successful) and 40 digital submissions (28% successful).

The success rate for Licentiate prints was steady on 68%, but digital success rate fell to 33% (compared to 54% in the previous year).

Although the success rate for Associate prints was up slightly to 38% (compared to last year’s 35%), ลาวสามัคคี

and Associate digital pass rate increased to 27% (compared to last year’s 17%), the overall Associate pass rate for both categories of 33% is still disappointing (previous year 24%).

There are three new Fellows this year, all gained with print portfolios,

being 43% of the seven print submissions (last year 18%). The three Fellowship digital entries were unsuccessful.

The Board considers that the reason for higher success in prints compared to digital submissions was due to the extra investment in the thought-process

and pre-planning, plus extra effort spent on the image making quality and attention to detail in the final presentation.

Because print sets are displayed physically, applicants were more aware of the careful visual design required for their layouts in order to flow in rows that were visually pleasing.

In contrast, many digital portfolios seem to have poor image selection,

inconsistent quality of images, technical problems, inferior layout, or inconsistent tonal quality between successive images.

Some applicants presented a balanced layout of thumbnails as though it was a print layout

and used that as the projection order with the result that there was absolutely no flow image to image when the portfolio was screened.

The thumbnails are purely to enable the Board to identify any images they want to further review.

It appeared that many of the failed sets were not well planned; maybe being a symptom of leaving their submission too late before

shipment deadline or maybe just delving into their image archives in order

to select a variety of random images and tossing them together without much thought.

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