Intelligent communication with the flick of a switch

With just the flick of a switch, Armstrong One offers companies a complete marketing optimising solution to match the service of an in-house data scientist.

Combining the analytical power and artificial intelligence of its partner IBM with years of marketing experience,

Armstrong One delivers innovative data-driven customer communications and interactions with time to market as low as 20 days.

Due to the rising demand for data scientists, many companies struggle to recruit the in-house Intelligent communication

data expertise required to set up and maintain an intelligent datadriven customer communication service.

These companies are becoming increasingly disadvantaged as their competitors ramp up their customer

interactions and sales on the back of insight-driven customer communications.

“From our customers’ point of view, what’s extremely attractive is the speed by which you can get to market and start to perform better in communications.

The companies that invested and implemented these processes in their organisation

early on have accelerated their business, and they’ll continue to accelerate,

so there are a lot of businesses, big and small, that need to catch up fast,” explains Jesper Valentin Holm, CEO of Armstrong One.

“I talk to a lot of businesses that are desperately looking for an in-house data scientist,

but while they’re looking we have a service that offers them 100 years of experience within data science combined into analytics,

which they can start using without having resources in-house.

It will get them started immediately,

benefit their business hugely and educate them on what to expect from artificial intelligence and data science.”

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