Kristiansand Kunsthall – a home of modern art

Kristansand Kunsthall (the Kristiansand Arts Centre) is a melting pot of contemporary Nordic and international art on the south coast of Norway.

Situated at the top of the Kristiansand library, it overlooks the key essentials of a town: the church, the square and the park.

It is a cultural treat well worth visiting.

Kunsthallen the German word so fittingly used for an arts centre is situated at the very heart of the town.

It finds itself surrounded by life: boutiques, cafés and restaurants.

The centre is not only in the middle of a vibrant town;

with its cutting-edge approach to art, it is making the whole city vibrate around it.

Let us get one thing straight: the arts centre is not a museum it is so much more.

It is a hub, a laboratory, a meeting point and an experience.

“We want to evoke interest and broaden people’s appreciation and understanding of contemporary art,”

says artistic director Cecilie Nissen,

who has undertaken a big task in a small town.

As one of 11 arts centres in Norway, it represents an institution at the very helm of modern art in the country.

With its mission to lift Scandinavian contemporary art up to where every man and woman can access it,

Kristiansand Kunsthall the 11 ‘kunsthalles’ have become a pillar in the Nordic art society.

Fitting, then, that they have placed themselves on top of a library the very definition of publicly owned knowledge and experience.

Over the summer,

Vibeke Slyngstad exhibits at the centre.

Her art travels from photography to oil painting, the bright and delicate colours adding a poetic distance to the concreteness of life.

It is a forceful place she takes the viewer to.

“Slyngstad invites the audience to explore the emotional meeting points between colour,

image and paint,” explains Nissen.

She welcomes the spectator into a beautiful but hard-hitting universe a place that both contrasts and highlights the surroundings it is in.

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