Liar Behind The Sun EP

Stockholm musician Simon Stålharmrhe is a serial bottler, first sabotaging his childhood sporting glories as they became too serious, and then repeating the trick as countless bands of his were about to cash in on their buzz and play a show.

This debut EP sees him finally getting up the nerve to share his rural, old country folk, which will make you think that he, like Small Feet bandmate Jacob Snavely, is in fact an American.

Stålharmrhe sings like Jeremy Earl of Woods and Kermit the frog’s little cousin, while these 5 acoustic tracks become more buoyant over time Liar

I’ve always thought it must be a drain, to be so constantly in character. Maybe Liam takes time off in the shower, or on the toilet. Maybe he takes off his sunglasses then.

Liam’s commitment to the role of deluded rock star has in the past been as entertaining as it is today strangely admirable. Liar

He still believes, even if I don’t. I’ve no doubt that it is an act, perhaps not overtly so, more like how you hold your Fs and Us around your partner’s parents, only for Liam he doubles them, ramped up to a predictable caricature.

It feels like a tired stand-up routine full of all the jokes you’ve already heard. Liam Gallagher doesn’t give a fuck? Yeah, I know. Liar

He’s the only one doing it too, ardently refusing to mellow or even allow himself to have a good time. For all his talk of “Oasis was what it was, but it’s over and now I’m doing this and it’s fucking mega,” he seems incapable of moving on, or even attempting a new haircut.

How could someone so obsessed with John Lennon be so stagnant? The answer to that isn’t just in Liam’s limited musicality, no matter what “Shake my tree / Where’s the apple for me” suggests.

As a new Noisey documentary proved in late June, the Cult of Liam Gallagher is in rude health. The film, entitled Start Anew: On the Campaign Trail with Beady Eye,

shadowed Liam and band in the days and weeks leading up to ‘Be’’s release. There’s plenty of what you’d expect from the man himself, inflated truth nuggets like, “I hope people like [the album], but if they don’t like it they can go fuck themselves”, lots of shifty looks over the shoulder while answering questions, lots of chewing, that kind of thing.

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