Lund – the cute, smart city

Lund is a neat city in the south of Sweden. Once dubbed the ‘capital of science’ by a Stanford professor,

Lund prides itself on having an internationally respected university, Lund – the cute

a beautiful city centre and a friendly attitude towards life and people.

A young man is speeding through the city centre on his bike wearing a top hat and tails, clutching a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

People hardly give him a second look. Why would they when it is more or less a daily sight here?

This is Lund, a city with a medieval touch, where all sights and attractions are just a stone’s throw away.

Here, people celebrate uniqueness and adore culture and innovation.

“There’s a warm atmosphere here and people are very open,” says Per Persson, director oftrade and tourism in Lund.

“It’s a fine balance between hearts and minds that’s hard to find anywhere else.”

Student life dominates the city with its proms, parties and peculiar traditions, making Lund a feel-good city.

The welldressed man on his bicycle is more ofa rule than an exception.

Here, the cultural crème de la crème mixes with the nerds ofknowledge, Lund – the cute

resulting in a richly intellectual and witty atmosphere that always offers a peculiar experience to visitors,

no matter what time ofyear they stop by.

Student carnival, music and laughs

In the summer, Lund invites you to activities arranged by the Summer Lund initiative.

Enjoy everything from circus acts and street performances to concerts, art shows, sing-alongs, and much more.

2014 will be a particularly festive year as, once again, it is time for Lundakarnevalen, the student carnival,

a festival that takes place every fourth year.

It attracts hundreds of thousands ofvisitors and party-goers who want to enjoy the fun, spirit and happiness the festival brings.

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