Making excellent customer service easy

Customer service is a quintessential part of any business, and every business owner is familiar

with the importance of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Miralix makes achieving excellence much easier with its unique range of software and services.

Miralix was founded in 1996 by Preben Kirkeby, Making excellent

initially focusing on providing telephone handsets for companies.

Since then, it has evolved and now provides essential software for companies wanting to optimise their customer contact system.

“What we’re actually selling is the opportunity to offer better customer service,” explains Kirkeby.

The software

Miralix has created software that makes life much easier for companies, especially in company call centres.

It efficiently redirects calls to available staff, thereby reducing waiting times.

Miralix also provides an overview of whom the customer has spoken to previously, as well as the availability of that person.

All this means that the customer is quickly and easily redirected to the right person. Making excellent

Furthermore, Miralix offers packages for mobile phones and Skype for Business, optimising the use of these for companies.

“Importantly, all our products are customisable, which means that they can be optimised for each business,” says Kirkeby.

The software provides a visual representation of the software statistics, making it easy for the company to change when, how or where they are using it.

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