MEC Scott to rein

After spending nine years as chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Finance in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)

Legislature, recently appointed MEC of Finance Belinda Scott is more than prepared for the new role.

MEC Scott, who describes herself as a veteran parliamentarian after 20 years at the legislature, says it was attention to detail that steered her in the direction of finance MEC Scott to rein.

“When I came to Parliament it was only natural that I would gravitate towards finance even though I did not have a financial degree.

My attention to detail and meticulousness played a role in me being chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Finance for nine years.”

She “loved” that role because it allowed her to develop an in-depth knowledge of treasury. MEC Scott is excited about her new role and eager to put in place plans to improve the province’s finances.

“My key focus will be on financial management control. We should be actively involved in inspecting the finances of departments. This is happening but we need to be much more robust in our intervention.

“I’m very firm in refocusing budgets according to strategic objectives of government and the National Development Plan, which I know will not make me very popular. I feel there is a lot of frills and nice to haves that need to be removed.”

According to the MEC, some government departments can sometimes be “excessive” in their spending.

She would like to see departments scaling down the events they host.

The expenditure of public entities will be reviewed and events expenditure will be regulated with use being made of government buildings rather than hiring marquees or the use of private venues and facilities.

MEC Scott also called for the provincial Budget to be examined more closely. “We might have had a function in the past that is no longer relevant.

Our needs and focus have changed. We are in a situation where we are not expecting huge inputs of new revenue. We have to do better with what we have.”

She will give attention to financial management control and refocusing budgets according to the strategic objectives of government and the National Development Plan.

A passion for forensic investigations MEC Scott is determined to bring to book those found guilty of defrauding the province.

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