no more heroes

To be fair, there’s a large whack of footage from the 60s that features post-‘Peppers’ Beatles rubbing shoulders with tripping accountants and average-men, presumably not on a school night.

But that was the 60s, and anything went then; sex without spouses even! As Vietnam looked certain to stretch out of the decade though,

despite passionate rallies, sit ins and wotnot, the 60s started to taste sour, and soon rock stars were rockstars once more and everyone else had to look on in awe.

Exactly how it should be! Whether Bowie has actually ever searched for the freshest loaf in Morrison’s

(like many things, company names change, right David?) is not really the point, but as Ziggy,

The Thin White Duke or Aladdin Sane, he was always the ultimate style icon, off stage as much as on.

And he’s not been alone in the past. Everyone dressed like camp, daft wizards throughout glam,

but even in 1983 Morrissey’s quiff was extra high when strolling around Manchester,

his ‘civvies’ less a departure from his stage get-up, his blouses equally as bellowing and ludicrous to those not in Britain’s best band.

Johnny Rotten – admittedly heavily styled by a third party – was constantly draped in ripped Union Jacks;

Simon Le Bon, never without a finely quaffed Princess Di cut, or out of a tailored white suit.

These days it’s either a case of bands dressing up for their hour long live sets (Muse) or, more often than not, not even making the effort then

(Arctic Monkeys). “It’s because we’re just normal blokes like our fans,” might justify Luke Prichard or a member of The View, but it’s no excuse.

Poster sales are down guys because a mirror is far more functional when you’re looking a little too similar to those you may admire.

It seems to be a concern only for the world of ‘indie’. Rock, metal and emo don’t have this problem.

There, everyone – fans and bands – aim to out-dress each other. Whereas in hip hop, something altogether different happens to separate the stars from those that have made them just that.

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