Notable achievements

Human Resource Management has been identified as a key performance area (KPA)

that needs to be managed and monitored as it is impossible to professionalise the public service without first making sure that this area is well looked after.

Challenges that have confronted the Public Service include a high vacancy rate. When government’s delivery agreement was signed in 2010, the vacancy rate stood at 19 per cent.

This was because of the long time taken to fill vacant posts. Departments took up to nine months to make an appointment.

By January this year, the average vacancy rate had been educed to 9,56 per cent, meaning it took departments just over four months to fill a post between January and December last year.

Linked to this, unemployment remains a global challenge and in South Africa the unemployment rate is stubbornly high.

According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the unemployment rate for the country’s population of 54 million stood at 25,5 per cent in the second quarter of 2014, with young people comprising the majority of unemployed South Africans.

To tackle this problem, the Public Service, which remains the biggest employer, started recruiting graduates

and youths by offering internships, learnerships and apprenticeships. Over the past year, DPSA helped departments recruit 27 350 young people against a target of 15 000. Since 2009/10, 88 820 youths have been recruited to take up these opportunities in the Public Service.

According to the annual report, data stretching to March 2014 shows that 98 820 young people were recruited into the Public Service at both national

and provincial department level as interns, learners and apprentices. Other achievements include:

 – The development of the e-Learning policy and guidelines, aimed at improving access to learning opportunities through the use of technology.

The Minister will finalise the policy and guidelines during the current financial year for implementation in April 2015.

– The e-Government policy framework of 2001 was updated and made relevant to the current technology environment over the past year.

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