Olympics in his sights

Biathlon is arguably one of the toughest sports at the Winter Olympics,

combining the physical challenge of cross-country skiing with the finesse of shooting.

We catch up with the Swedish biathlete Ted Armgren, who is looking toward the up-coming Winter Olympics.

With the well-wishing and celebration of New Year’s over, Olympics in his sights

many of us have taken it upon ourselves to set resolutions to improve our lives.

For others, this focus has been in place for years.

The athletes aiming for the up-coming Winter Olympics will be set in their ways, working hard to achieve their best.

Swedish biathlete Ted Armgren from Vilhelmina is one such athlete, focused on this key event.

“The key for me and the rest of the team is to qualify for the Olympics.

We all ski for the National Team but have to make the final selection for the squad that will be sent to Sochi,” he explains.

“This means that over the Christmas period we have been building up to make sure that we have the best form possible.

This means lots of competitions. Olympics in his sights

It is in these competitions that we will get the results needed to gain selection.

Sochi is going to be my first Olympics so I am really motivated to make the selection, and once I know about that I will focus on a target for the actual event.”

Naturally, being proficient at biathlon takes years of practice and hours of training. Armgren continues: “During the offseason,

May to November, we train anything up to 30 hours a week.

This includes a lot of fitness work, but we cannot forget the need to be able to shoot well.

The key to success in biathlon is the ability to switch mentally between the all-out push when skiing, and the calm of shooting.

It is this that keeps me hooked to the sport.

It is easy to shoot well, but when you are exhausted from the skiing and breathing hard, it is a huge challenge.”

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