One stop service

According to the MEC, current and former mineworkers

will soon have access to health and labour services at a One Stop Health Service Centre to be built in Limpopo One stop service centre .

The centre will screen the workers for various diseases and check if they qualify for benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund,

 compensation in terms of the Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1993, benefits from the Compensation Fund, and the Compensation Fund of the Department of Health.

“When they come here, we will screen them for silicosis, TB or any occupational lung disease and take them to Dilokong Hospital and treat them.”

She adds that the reason why the department chose to build the centre in Tubatse because of the concentration of mines in that area.

During a recent sod-turning ceremony mobile facilities were on hand to provide health services to residents in the area.

“We screened 800 mineworkers on the day and they are excited about the centre.

Some of them were retrenched because of illness and were never compensated,” says the MEC.

Taking services closer to the people Recently, the department opened the new Soetfontein Clinic, which provides health services for the people Ga-Thaba, south of Polokwane.

For over 40 years the community depended on a small clinic that could not cope with servicing the whole community.

The Soetfontein Clinic, which was opened in 1971, only had two consulting rooms, a delivery room and a room that doubled-up as a pharmacy and storeroom.

The new clinic has four consulting rooms, an emergency treatment room, a counselling room One stop service centre

(for both trauma and HIV and AIDS), a maternity ward with three sections (first stage, labour room and post-natal room), a linen room and a diagnostic room.

It also has seven professional nurses, two enrolled nurses and one assistant nurse.

MEC Ramathuba says she is hopeful that it will bring positive change to the lives of those living in Ga-Thaba.

“I hope this clinic will be the start of good things to come for this village. This is what we mean when we talk about service delivery.

“We don’t want a situation where when someone goes to the clinic with flu they are given Panado, as if Panado cures everything.”

With her medical background as a doctor and her determination to clean up the department, One stop service centre

there are brighter days ahead for the Limpopo Department of Health.

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