Otematata workshop

In 2017 I saw a message on the PSNZ Facebook group page from Scott Fowler,

saying he had one space left on the Otematata workshop in November.

 I had seen his workshops advertised previously but had never taken much notice.

 I had heard of Scott but had no idea what sort of photography he did, but recalled that a lady I had met on the Okarito workshop had attended 10 of Scott’s workshops.

I messaged Scott and jumped at the chance to head south once more to attend a workshop with six other keen photographers ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี.

This too was an amazing opportunity to see a stunning part of the country I had not visited. What I didn’t realise was exactly how much more I would learn on this trip.

Everyone was so freely giving of their knowledge, sharing camera settings, props, and setting up scenes for everyone to share.

The comradery within the group was fabulous,

and we had many opportunities to get to know each other before

 the photography started as we travelled down together from Christchurch to Otematata.

When you stay with a bunch of people you don’t know, under the same roof, you have to work together, share, and take in all those moments and bits of knowledge.

 I added so much more to my basket of knowledge on Scott’s workshop, not only from Scott but also from the other six participants.

I came away with more new friends in photography and many as yet unprocessed images! Learning Don’t be fooled into thinking that having the best gear, the most expensive lenses

and accessories makes you a better photographer! You still have to invest in yourself, and your own learning. Learning is a whole process in itself.

As photographers, I am sure most of us are hands-on, practical people. I know for myself, that I learn by doing as a preference.

Looking for opportunities to learn, taking those that are presented, and never fearing to admit I don’t know has certainly helped me continue on my photographic journey.

So much so, that I am determined to make the effort to learn more about post-processing this year and get some of my own images printed and shared,

and I may even have a go at my Licentiate Honours in 2019. Finally, a big thank-you to all those photographers and masters in their art that have helped me on my journey,

and also to those friends in photography who I can call on to go out with cameras in hand and play around.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี