Reaching out from the pages

For over 10 years we have successfully published Keep The Faith – Britain’s leading Black and minority-ethnic

communityfocused publication that promotes and supports unity,

faith and family values. We are the ONLY publication of its kind in the UK, and continue to be independently published.

Our high quality publication has been produced and distributed nationwide.

It has been made available to MILLIONS of readers over the 10 years, in print and electronically.

We have many new powerful features for 2017, and are working on connecting more with our young people.

We are organising improvements with our online channels to create more engagement, which will enable us to communicate more effectively en masse.

We will also be organising Keep The Faith network events and seminars.

What people should be looking for churches to do is to undergird and support the moral and behavioural foundations that facilitate the success of a community: strong families;

Reaching out from the pages a commitment to education and life-long learning; an aversion to crime and criminal behaviour; mental wellbeing;

Reaching out from the pages entrepreneurship, and support for the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

And, let’s be honest, most of Britain’s most successful Black folk (professionally and otherwise) have some kind of involvement with the church.

There’s something about being part of the Black faith community that helps facilitate success.

Only time will tell if the Black Church will become more political but, in the interim, let’s not forget many churches are doing what churches do best:

preaching the Gospel; supporting the weak, and inspiring believers to utilise their talents in all sectors of society, including the political arena.

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