Romantic, restful Sweden, off the beaten path

Hopping on a plane to Sweden is easy. Finding a hotel and ticking off a list of sights in the capital is probably reasonably easily achievable too.

But how to find those hidden gems, the romantic hideaways and secret spots? Read on.

At close to 174,000 square miles, Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union by area, and with a population of just under ten million,

it is safe to say that Sweden boasts a great deal of just that: space.

In addition to deep woods, rolling hills and high mountains with no villages as far as the eye can see, there are beautiful castles with vast,

landscaped grounds, cultural experiences out in nature, and plenty of opportunities to go for a swim alone in the nip in a peaceful lake,

Romantic restful Sweden or together with other explorers at well-maintained destinations.

If you are visiting Sweden with a loved one and perhaps looking for that romantic touch,

Romantic restful Sweden or just want to get off the beaten track and experience an insider’s view of the hidden gems of Sweden, this special theme is for you.

We have listed our favourite manors, the most tranquil and relaxing destinations, and of course,

some of the most delicious food and drinks too. Enjoy!

An eclectic mix to say the least, but here are four fantastically interesting features for you to dive straight into.

Being called “the saviour of Finnish cinema” might seem daunting to many, but for Dome Karukoski it is simply all about the passion for his profession.

Making art-house films for blockbuster audiences, he alone has taken Finnish film to another level.

Along with the splendid restaurant Raalingen, Sønder Felding Efterskole and getaway hotspot Rømø Ferieby, this feature section is a pure delight!

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