Running Man

1997, aged 7, Ellis Ludwig-Leone accompanied his father to the local library to be signed up to play some sports.

Old man in-line, he did what every other kid had done that day – he took a wander over to a nearby piano, an instrument he’d never seen before. Man

Then he did something that no other kid had done – he played it. So the answer to my question, ‘have you always been naturally gifted when it comes to music’, is, ‘yes, yes I have!’. Man

Ellis, now 23 and based in Brooklyn, where he’s lived for the last two years, is not the kind of guy to say that. Instead, he hastens to flag:

“I’m not sure how much of my dad’s story is accurate,

there, and I think those sorts of stories become self-fulfilling prophesies.

Like, if Mozart hadn’t become Mozart, no one would really care that he was writing symphonies when he was 5. But yeah,” he concedes, “I was always adept at the piano.”

The son of two visual artists, Ellis Ludwig-Leone grew up in Berkley, southern Massachusetts, a small, rural town between Boston and Cape Cod.

The family had relocated there for their art, enabling the parents of the household to convert a deserted dairy barn into their own art studio.

“I used to be quite good at art, myself,” say Ellis, “but there’s something crucial about music, and there’s a centre of attention thing to it – like, you’re making a sound, so people have to pay attention to you.”

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