Scarlett Fever

The monthly cinematic preview is something of a conundrum. What to discuss, dictated by a lengthy listings sprawl here,

a healthy dose of background reading there; the process an engrossing one that’s more joy than sombre Fever

What we should be asking ourselves, though, is why? Why are some films more enticing than others? What mysterious criteria are we bound by? Well, there is no simple answer and more often than not a movie makes this column because it compels me to write about it: it would be churlish of me not to.

This month sees three such delights jump out, equally unavoidable if unrelated.

Ever since 2010’s deeply underrated I’m Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix has enthralled. A fascinating actor who makes charming choices, The Master marked Phoenix’s arrival as a heavyweight modern movie icon and his next few projects were always going to catch the eye. Fever

Scheduled for US release in November is the most spine tingling of these, Her.

Helmed by Spike Jonze, a Director famed for total immersion, Her looks to be his most personal and arduous project yet.

Penned without Charlie Kaufman, the feature sees Jonze throw himself at an insightful and bittersweet concept; a film that exemplifies his true metier.

Set in the slight future of L.A, Joaquin Phoenix’s character buys the world’s first artificially intelligent operating system.

Sounding disarmingly similar to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, a human gradually emerges through his computer and the relationship evolves into outlandish romance. So far so Spike.

But this well-trodden path of artificial intelligence gone rogue should shine under Jonze’s spell.

Joining Phoenix are Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Scarlett Johansson as the humanoid love interest.

It’s an astounding line up of female talent that puts Her at the very top of this year’s must-see films.

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