The Fate of the Dunbrody

In late 1869, the Dunbrody was sold to Francis P. Carrell of Cardiff, Wales, became a British ship and continued to sail to No the America.

Three yea rs later she was sold again, for £ 1,200 sterling, ro a German citizen residing at Cardiff, H einri ch Rudolph Hayssen.

The bill of sale was signed on 2 October 1873, and in February 1874 the Dunbrody was registered at Bremen as one of the three similar ships boughr by Hayssen the previous aurumn.

Just seven months later, the Dunbrody went asho re on the banks of the Sr.

Lawrence River en route from Cardiff to Quebec when her captain did not wait for a local pilot,

paying the price for this maritime indiscretion when his ship ran aground on 28 September 1874.

Salvaged from the shoals, she was bought at auction by another Irish-born shipbuilder, Henry Dinning.

In partnership with his father James, Dinning built fine-quality traditional sailing ships and salvaged damaged vessels.

He meticulously repa ired the Dunbrody and consigned her ro H . & T. Warson of Glasgow to sell.

Though the name of her final owner remains unknown, it is likely that she was registered in Quebec. In 1875,

the Dunbrody rook her second and fatal grounding.

This time she was bound fo r Liverpool with a cargo of Canadian timber va lued at £ 12,500.

As a fi erce gale arose from rhe southwest, the bark was driven away from her usual route towards rhe Coast of Labrador,

Newfo undland, near Belle Isle, and the crew had to cut away the masts.

On 17 October 1875, she was stranded on Bradore Reef, ar Forreau Strait ofBellelsle.

The entire crew came off sa fely, but very little was salvaged. Grounded fully laden,

her aging hull would have pounded mercilessly on the bottom, breaking up very quickly.

On the 20th she was surveyed, and it was found that she had a large hole in the hull, th ro ugh whicha great part of the cargo went ashore.

The Dunbrody was acco rdingly condemned and sold for £30.

The bark had traded the transArl anti c route with much success fo r just over 30 years,

earning her building cost many times over and losing a minimum of human lives during those many thousands of sea miles, a good record for a working vessel.

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