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How to be a Great Croupier T o be consistently good means you’re better than good.

How’s this for consistency? Champion 2017, second 2018. Tamas Adam achieved that in Switzerland’s national Dealer Championships.

That allowed him to enter the European Dealer Championship.

the hotel industry Second 2018 and Champion 2019.

There’s a lot to learn from Tamas Adam about how to be a great croupier.

A great croupier positively impacts handle.

Operators know this.

 Customers will have a whale of a time (pardon my deliberate pun) at a table with a great croupier.

What makes a great croupier? Who better to ask than the 2019 European Dealer Champion, Tamas Adam, who works with Swiss Casinos at Casino Pfäffikon.

the hotel industry Thank you for sharing your time with Casino Life, Tamas. What made you decide to be a croupier? I enjoy meeting and interacting with people.

14 years ago, I saw an advert in a newspaper offering training courses to become a casino croupier.

We started with 32 people and finished with 12.

After one month working in casinos, some of the 12 people couldn’t do the job for various reasons (nerves and counting problems were the common stumbling blocks).

Out of the original 32 applicants and the 12 who completed the course, three people made successful careers as casino croupiers.

Of those three, I am the only one still working in the casino business — one now works in the IT industry, and one works in the hotel industry.

I grew up in Hungary and wanted to work in foreign countries.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning (or maybe afternoon, given you work in the live tables department)? Every day is different.

Customers can be totally new, they can be the same customers and they can be both.

The group dynamics are different every day.

That, for me, keeps this job refreshing. There’s also the excitement of being a croupier.

This excitement comes from the games you work on, the colleagues you work with and our customers. Being a croupier, your job is to interact with and entertain people.

Plus, I get an adrenalin rush from the money that crosses the table.

I practiced a lot when I was younger, which makes the technical aspects of being a great croupier easier for me now.

Winning the European Dealer Championship is a great feeling as it shows all of the hours I have spent, and continue to spend, practicing is recognised and rewarded.

I think this helps stop burn-out.

You can never know everything.

There’s always more to learn. And it is a challenge learning and adapting to the different regulations in each country.

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