The Rolls-Royce of duvets

How much do you care about your duvet? If you are like most people,

probably not much – but considering you sleep for one-third of your life,

you might want to pay more attention to it.

This year, Ringsted Dun celebrate their 70th anniversary, and they are passionate about your duvet and sleep.

Ringsted Dun’s history began in the little town of Ringsted in Denmark.

It was here that Ringsted Fjerfabrik was established in 1947 as a subsidiary of Ringsted Andels-Fjerkræslagteri (1932-1980),

with the purpose of utilising down and feathers from the slaughterhouse to produce duvets and pillows.

This year, Ringsted Dun – which was bought by DYKON in 2003 – celebrate their 70th anniversary.

“All the downs and feathers we use are from Europe and carefully selected.

In Europe, the ducks and geese live longer, which means their down insulates better,”

says Rikke Gosmand, PR and marketing officer at DYKON.

Sweet dreams

Most people know that sleep is important; however, The Rolls-Royce of duvets

not everyone is aware of the importance of having the right duvet and pillow.

“It’s so important for your sleep that you use the right duvet and pillow.

The wrong duvet can ruin your sleep,” says Gosmand.

“We often hear about people waking up covered in sweat or freezing in the middle of the night.

That shouldn’t be the case, and it might very well be because they have the wrong duvet.”

Many people use the same duvet all year around, The Rolls-Royce of duvets

but Gosmand explains that you should actually have two.

“Just like you don’t use your winter coat in summertime,

you shouldn’t use your winter duvet in the summer.”

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