Totally Gaming

Do you want to excel in gaming? Are you looking for one-on-one tutelage

from casino professionals with proven expertise? Totally Gaming Academy may be what you seek.

The seminar prides itself on pairing highly motivated students with intelligent, operationally seasoned instructors.

Totally Gaming Academy’s faculty runs the gamut from experience in i-gaming to diversity hiring to responsible gaming.

Totally Gaming If you’re a casino manager and can’t

send your employees to the academy, the academy will come to you, offering in-house training.

Totally Gaming Academy has even held forth at both ICE London and ICE Asia.

We sat down with Acting Commercial Director Adam Roebuck to learn more about this innovative school.

Totally Gaming What is involved in the thought leadership packages for these events? The packages provide an opportunity for our partners to

Totally Gaming If you’re a casino manager and can’t about the partner being seen to be playing a role in advancing the skills and knowledge base of leaders in the sector.

Totally Gaming Totally Gaming The partner will be seen as a responsible leader in this sector, advancing & supporting innovation and training for gaming professionals.

What are amongst the key benefits Thought Leaders gain? There are the obvious benefits – brand

exposure to an audience, and dare I say it…. an association with us! But also,

an opportunity to listen to the (potential) customer – not just for half an hour as you would at a conference, but for a day two or three – real depth.

These courses are really the last opportunity in a world of free content to be in a room with clients who are investing good money to solve a

challenge they are facing right now. They also have the opportunity to offer subsidised

training to their current, past customers and prospects.

It gives the thought leader another topic to talk to their universe about other than just their product / service.

The key differences between sponsorship of an event and training are:

•  The chance to offer the room a real quality solution to their challenges

•  No marketing effort needed on the side of the Thought leader

•  No stand build costs

•  A room full of industry leaders facing the same challenges

• Plug and play collaboration

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