Value Driven

Add-on peripherals make a slot machine more profitable

Slot peripheral vendors live by the value-added concept. It’s their bible, especially now.

Falling revenues in the United States, at least, discourage operators from replacing machines at this time.

Casinos want more functionality from the slots.

Cabinet-makers and seat manufacturers may address that need by enriching the look and feel of their slot-machine complement.

Slot-base manufacturers can try to improve sight lines by moving wires.

Companies offering printers want their product applicable for table games too.

Those who provide cards want them to be faster and easier than cash. These services surround a machine that constantly gains more use.

Operators want the fabled one-armed bandits to double as venues for special tournaments, drink-buying and messaging.

 This ensures a long-term niche for the peripherals area and a demand for products which increase player comfort.

That in turn affects time on device.

For the 2014 edition of G2E, vendors will address more operators who may not be looking for new. But they do want improved.

“Now we have these super-curved cabinets,” he says.

“They are beyond simply being ergonomic. They are very sleek.

The slot manufacturer is looking to attract younger customers and the philosophy is to get cooler, more sleek cabinets and then create the game content to meet those needs. I’m not sure if that has fundamentally worked yet.

It is not fair to say it has not worked.” One product line aimed at the trend is the Evolver series.

Evolver X, the latest rollout of this generation, will be displayed at G2E. Look for the curved lines, brighter LEDs, etc., along with a significant intangible: adaptability.

Colwell says the Cole Kepro cabinet is regulatory-friendly and will help operators speed their path to market.

“We have done 90 percent of the heavy lifting,” he says.

“When they submit this cabinet with their own personal software inside, they will know that the regulators have seen this cabinet before.

The testing

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