Virtual Recruitment

This fall, chapters traded door stacks for Zoom chat boxes and bumping for breakout rooms as recruitments across the country went virtual.

And while Alpha Chi Omega had never experienced this setup before 2020, our numerous new members prove that the Real. Strong.

Women. Experience still resonates with college women today! When many colleges and universities shifted their teaching models to virtual

(via videoconferencing platforms) or hybrid (via a mixture of in-person and virtual methods)

for the fall term due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, student activities including sorority recruitment also shifted.

The fall 2020 Lyre reported that as of August 5, 2020, not quite 33% (48 of 146) of our Alpha Chi Omega chapters had planned a fully structured recruitment hosted virtually, with the remainder planning for hybrid, deferred or partially structured versions.

With the continued rise of cases of COVID-19 across the country and especially on some college campuses, college Panhellenics saw the need to move to fully virtual structures, sometimes giving our chapters a matter of days to switch their plans to virtual!

As of September 18, 2020, in the heart of fall recruitment season, 92% of our fall-recruiting chapters had completed or were planning on a fully structured virtual recruitment.

This decision was in accordance with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)

procedural guidance to conduct remaining fall recruitments fully virtually.

Alpha Chi Omega had already been working throughout the summer to provide support to our fall-recruiting chapters, including individual chapter consultations and coaching, more than 60 new resources, webinars, and an Instagram account with tips and tricks for virtual recruiting.

For our collegiate members, pre-recruitment weeks held over videoconference allowed them to learn everything from round specifics to how they could best connect with potential new members

(PNMs) through a screen – and of course there was time to spend bonding and participating in sisterhood events!

In fully virtual recruitments, the first round did not involve members meeting

PNMs; instead PNMs watched videos introducing them to each chapter on their campus and ranked their preference from those and any connections they made throughout the summer.

Members scored PNMs based on their relationships and information submitted through the campus Panhellenic sign-up process.

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