A brew of individual tastes

Focusing their production on a sound balance between traditional European beerbrewing culture and a modernised approach,

Kinn Brewery have altered the way beer is consumed – and appreciated.

Favouring local label designs and clean extraction methods over pasteurisation and filtration,

the products are as recognisable on the shelves as individual in taste.

The result? A stand-out array of supreme, locally produced beers.

“The best brew is one of both tradition and modernity”, explains Espen Lothe, CEO and brewmaster of Kinn Brewery.

“The methods we use, devoid of all pasteurisation and filtration, give us great, rich beers strong in taste.

Still, a fine balance of flavours is preserved – something many brewers forget when going back to the basics of beer-brewing.”

The year was 2009 when Lothe begun brewing beer in his own home.

A growing interest in the craftsmanship led to a fullyfledged brewery in Florø, an island off the west coast of Norway, A brew of individual tastes

where open fermentor tubs were brought in and the slogan ‘doing it the old-fashioned way’ was put to work.

“I knew I wanted to let the process happen naturally and by itself, A brew of individual tastes

as I knew pasteurisation processes tend to destroy the natural beer flavour.

This means that our beers are less ‘clear’ than others, as the sedimentation is not removed,” Lothe explains.

“We wanted to do it the traditional way, and not push the process ahead in any artificial way.”

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