GSA standards empower casino operators

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Over those two decades, and through the efforts of volunteers from its member companies, GSA has created gaming industry standards that are being used worldwide.

However, even as GSA standards are being mandated by regulatory authorities in many countries, utilization in the United States has stagnated.

As part of its 20th anniversary activities, GSA has launched a casino operator educational campaign, aimed at reintroducing GSA standards to operators and with a goal of reinvigorating adoption and utilization.

GSA standards empower casino operators

This campaign started with a roundtable discussion with a small number of current and former casino operators, and a candid discussion of the issues and challenges that they faced—and an equally candid review of whether.

GSA standards could help address them.

The meeting was eyeopening, and all participants agreed that GSA needed to do more to educate operators—and not just slot operations, but also.

IT and marketing—on the value they could derive from GSA standards.

A second, larger roundtable was held a few months later with operators from around the U.S.

GSA standards empower casino operators As the meeting progressed, it became clear that operators had very little information of how

As a result of these meetings, GSA interviewed operators in North America who had deployed.

These very candid interviews provided incredible insights, which GSA is now planning to share with other operators.

System Side GSA learned that the operators implementing G2S had very successful.

As expected, these operators were taking advantage of the additional EGM data that G2S enables and which other protocols do not.

Equally important, they have a greater level of transparency of the data being communicated between the EGM and CMS.

Simple but time-consuming tasks, like progressive reconciliations, are now automated through G2S with greater accuracy and with minimal labor expense.

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