In the Posterior

We all have our weaknesses and this article is going

to (rather unexpectedly, it must be said) start with a story about one.

Your writer has a peanut allergy: It’s relatively minor considering he can be in the presence of them

and not immediately run into problems, but still strong enough to make him jumpy with new food and obsessively check menus.

On this occasion, he was meeting a friend for lunch — some vegan dim sum (which as a carnivore he was already suspicious of) — and ordered some tofu dumplings with spicy sauce.

He asked about the presence of nuts in English, his friend did the same in the local language, and was reassured there were none. ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

Turns out, there were, and a pleasant afternoon turned into an impromptu trip to the hospital.

A few hours later after having his body pumped full of steroids, antihistamines and a number of the drugs he couldn’t pronounce,

he left feeling woozy, craving sugar with a wallet some $10 or so lighter (the benefits of being European).

The point is, we all have our weaknesses and in our writer’s case,

peanuts are certainly one of them,

but perhaps what’s more important is how medicine has changed to treat said weaknesses over the years.

A relatively mild reaction to peanuts in 2021 is far easier to deal with than it would have been 200 years ago

 and as he also has asthma, your correspondent is especially glad he wasn’t alive 2,000 years ago.

The leaps and bounds medical science has made in treatment over the centuries are remarkable,

and indeed the last 100 years in particular, witnessed incredible progress in posterior segment treatment.

Looking way back with Hippocrates We can point to the Greek physician Hippocrates as being

the most likely candidate to indicate the posterior segment.

Based on the findings of Alcmaeon of Croton, Hippocrates points to it comprising three layers: 1) a thick outer layer, 2)

a thinner middle layer which may protrude like a bladder when injured and 3) an inner layer which is thinnest

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