Innovative Cataract Technologies

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Advances in capsulotomy devices In Capsulotomy — Where Are We Now?, Prof.

Dr. H. Burkhard Dick from University Eye Hospital in Bochum, Germany, asked if continuous circular capsulorhexis (CCC) could be the evolutionary endpoint in capsular opening techniques?

 He discussed three types of capsulotomy (CT) devices: the Precision Pulse CT (Zepto, Minnesota, USA), ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

CAPSULaser (Beye, Pennsylvania, USA) and femtosecond laser CT, but focused attention on the advantages of femtosecond laser CT.

 “It’s effective on white intumescent cataracts and outstanding for pediatric cataracts, and has perfect capsulotomy quality,” he said, adding it has already had an impact on femto-IOLs.

This CT could also be used for biomorphometric alignment for toric IOLs where toric IOLs are centered according to capsule marks.

“The primary posterior laser-assisted capsulotomy is safe with no single PCO over the years of follow up. It is easy to include at the end of the procedure.

You don’t need manual capabilities

and can keep the anterior hyaloid membrane intact,” he said. IOLs lead the way

Dr. Robert Ang, from the Asian Eye Institute in the Philippines, said there have been innovations in monofocal and presbyopia-correcting lenses, with toric options now available and with hybrids of both categories in sight.

He cited a few new innovations in the market including the Clareon IOL (Alcon, Geneva, Switzerland), which boasts one of the lowest levels of surface glistenings and haze.

Other innovations include the Tecnis Toric II IOL (Johnson & Johnson Vision, Florida, USA)

which was developed to improve the rotational stability of its first generation toric IOL lens using frosted and squared haptics for increased friction in the capsular bag.

He also discussed the TECNIS Eyhance IOL, AcrySof and Vivity (all from Alcon) and the ISOPURE (BVI Medical, Massachusetts, USA).

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