This final year of School has been a completely different experience to all

my other years here. For one, it is the first time that I have been without my brothers to steady me.

School hasn’t always been an easy place for me. I have had my fair share of struggles and have not always scored perfectly in my work.

I would like to thank Educational Support for helping me with this and I would also like to say to anyone who is worried about their need for study support, or mental health support,

these attributes do not define you, and however much you may have heard it, it is crucial

to understand that these difficult moments in life and your schooling career only serve to make you stronger

and further you as a person I would now like to address my own amazing year group who have stuck

by my side and been there to share some of my fondest memories, as well as those not so bright moments during my time here.

I know that this year has been difficult, full of uncertainty and disappointment regarding exams, lockdown

and the inability to share in our time here during Leavers’ Ball.

Despite that, we must all do our best to remain in touch with each other because

the friends that you make at school have the possibility to become our closest friends throughout our lives.

Look back on your moments at Oundle with fond memories, go out into the world with high aspirations, and I hope that you can look back on these memories at Oundle with a laugh and a smile.

I must now look to the upcoming Upper Sixth and all of you who still have a journey to undertake at Oundle.

I have managed to meet so many of you during my time here and I want to wish you the very best with your following years. To thrive at Oundle you must be your own person above all.

 Never miss any opportunities that you have so amazingly been given.

We at Oundle are in incredibly privileged positions and we cannot forget that. Use this platform to make a difference.

Finally, I want to thank all the teachers and staff who have made my time at Oundle great.

I will always hold you in the highest regard and from me and the rest of my year, we thank you for getting us through in more than an excellent way.

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