Pilot Study Takes

Don’t you just love first times, challenges, experiences and the unknown?

In fact, “firsts” are often exhilarating — particularly when outcomes are not guaranteed.

While there is no crystal ball in life, when decisions are based on science however, ลาวสามัคคี

you can be comfortable that the information is solid and evidence-based.

Due to the accelerating global circumstances, it seems like a “sure thing” that our lives will change evermore in the coming months, or even years.

Remember not too long ago — before the COVID-19 pandemic — when going

to work, the doctor, shopping or even on a date, happened in the physical form?

Times have changed and are ever-evolving to a world of working online,

remote learning, cloud storage and relying heavily on technology.

The encouraging upside of this is that this changing reality is also extremely efficient in its production of results and transmission of information.

Cloud technology is predominant in our lives, providing

the “at our fingertips” data required for reliable

 and life-changing information transportation. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s look at an ophthalmic example of the above in action.

Pilot TV programs are a chance to trial what may or may not work with a target audience, this applies likewise to pilot studies.

In this instance, the target audience and physicians involved suggest the pilot study of daily selfimaging with patient-operated home optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a clear winner.

The importance of home OCT monitoring Introducing Israel-based Notal Vision Inc., a diagnostic services company that operates

the Notal Vision Diagnostic Clinic, a medical provider with a proven platform

for engaging patients and AI-enabled analyses of high-volume personalized health data.

 This extends disease management from the clinic to the home to improve vision outcomes, reduce treatment burden, and improve health economics.

The company recently conducted its first longitudinal pilot study on its Notal Home OCT, a daily,

in-house selfimaging for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) patients.

This patient-operated home OCT is not only convenient for nAMD patients, but also provides quick and accurate results to retina

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