Tradition and culture – brewed with soul

Fjellbryggeriet is proof that a mishap doesn’t equal a mistake – as long as you see its flip side.

A failed attempt at making wine proved fruitful for Norwegian-American couple Tradition and culture

Aasmund and Margit Rinde, as their interest in wine turned into a fascination for brew.

After years of careful planning, Fjellbryggeriet [the mountain brewery] was open for business.

Today the brewery is nothing but a success story – combining tradition and great tastes in soulful brews.

“Our first attempt to make wine didn’t go that well,” Aasmund and Margit recall with a laugh.

“We then did some reading about beer-brewing and tried it out, and the result was surprisingly good.”

What followed was an epic tale of stubborn dedication – powered by a fascination for beer.

The couple learned that a brewery was giving away smoked malt to make more space in their storage, and saw their opportunity to learn more about the craft.

Strapping 1.5 tonnes of malt to their private trailer, Tradition and culture

they were excited about the prospects of all the beer they could make.

Results were varying, but the goal intact: getting better at brewing quality beer.

“We were living in Grimstad at the time, but moved to Telemark when we found the perfect location for a microbrewery,”

says Aasmund, adding that his wife’s American heritage played into the decision.

“In the US the microbrewery tradition is strong, and there are many different flavours of beer available.

Our passion for the craft was inspired by this, and we also wanted to learn more about matching beers with meals,” says Aasmund.

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